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Pendants & Earrings


Premier Durango Jewelry Store

Embrace uniqueness with distinctively beautiful jewelry pieces from our collection.
Jewelry has always been a form of self-expression. With its unique flairs, brilliant embellishments, and variety of designs, it can tell different types of stories that no other object can. It can also serve as a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

Since jewelry is also an extension of ourselves, it is essential to find the right article that represents our personality, lifestyle, and preference. Nowadays, jewelry designs come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. Finding the piece that reflects who you are can be a bit of a challenge, considering that you have tons of options to choose from.

At Lanka Blue Jewelry, we have a team of experts who are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect jewelry pieces to show off your personality and make a statement. We feature a high-quality jewelry selection inspired by a variety of designs, from exotic and bohemian to vintage designs.

Every piece in our collection is meticulously crafted to convey unique personalities. Exclusive only to our jewelry store in Durango, CO, we also introduce the Naja Collection, which features jewelry pieces and gifts designed to reflect the spontaneity of Gary McVean’s arts.

Who We Are

Lanka Blue Jewelry is one of the most trusted sources of extraordinary collections of collectibles, potteries, paintings, and handcrafted jewelry in the Centennial State. We were established in 1988 and have been one of the first operating Durango jewelry stores in the area.

Gary McVean, alongside his wife, Betsy McVean, founded Lanka Blue Jewelry to showcase Gary’s incredible art and designs, from his paintings to his custom-made jewelry pieces. They also feature Durango jewelry made by prominent Native Americans and other local artisans.

What Matters To Us

Having sold and serviced numerous jewelry in Durango, CO, for many years, Lanka Blue Jewelry believes that a reliable jewelry store should not be known only for its exceptional products but its services as well. As such, we provide respectful, welcoming, and rewarding services to every customer that comes to our store.

As one of your trusted Durango jewelry stores, we listen intently to your needs. We go above and beyond in offering you products and services tailored to your preference and budget. We value honesty and transparency, so we only offer pieces made of genuine stone and metals, whether gold, platinum, or silver jewelry.

What We Do

Lanka Blue Jewelry features an inspiring collection of jewelry that features timeless designs, including traditional, exotic, vintage, minimalistic, and modern. We are also the go-to source of high-quality Durango turquoise jewelry pieces.

Our pieces are perfect for those who love celebrating their native roots or those who want to collect pieces with rare and unique gemstones. Here are some of the things we offer at our lovely store:

1. Incredible Jewelry Collection

Our extensive jewelry collection includes pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets made of classic metals such as 14-carat gold, 18-carat gold, and sterling silver. We also feature a variety of turquoise jewelry as well as those made with other precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and amethysts.

2. Rare Collectibles

Aside from our diverse jewelry line, we take pride in offering unique collectibles curated from various regions around the globe. We feature potteries of exquisite designs, rare coins, and ethereal crystals. Some of these items feature vintage designs, so they’re perfect for those who are into such collectibles.

3. Magnificent Paintings

More than being a talented gold and silversmith, Gary McVean is also an acclaimed painter who has produced numerous stunning paintings during his lifetime. His love for intricate and abstract design is featured in all his paintings, which are now being sold in print at our store.

How We Do It

At Lanka Blue Jewelry, we are committed to offering products of the best quality, material, and presentation. All the jewelry pieces and giftware from our collection are crafted and custom-made by seasoned artists in Durango, including Four Corners Native American and other local artists.

Gemstones featured in our selections are responsibly obtained from the local mine. The quality turquoise famous at our store is sourced from King’s “Lickskillet” Mine in Colorado. This precious blue-green stone is hoisted with beautiful golden-brown rock and is now used in various jewelry, such as turquoise rings, necklaces, and pendants.


Contact Lanka Blue Jewelry Today

Lanka Blue Jewelry offers exquisite jewelry, collectibles, giftware, and paintings for every style and occasion. As one of the most trusted Durango jewelry stores, we at Lanka Blue Jewelry ensure seamless transactions and exceptional customer service. If you have inquiries about our products or want to check out our paintings, feel free to reach out to our friendly team today.