Lanka Blue Pendants

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Small Naja Pendant with Lapis

Small Naja Pendants can look incredible with all natural stones and look wonderful on a small Omega, or hanging chain. The one pictured here is completed with Lapis and all are all handmade with sterling silver.
28 mm tall x 23 mm wide (1 1/8" x 7/8"), 5 grams

lanka blue
Large Naja Pendant with Amethyst

Large Naja Pendants are stunning when worn on a chain or heavy omega. This will, no doubt , attract rave attention! The hand-designed pendant featured here is accentuated with Lapis and sterling silver.
33mm tall x 31mm wide (1.375" x 1.25"), 9.7 grams

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Naja Earrings

The naja earrings shown here are the same size as the small pendants. These solid silver handmade pieces perfectly accentuate any other pieces in our collection.

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